Vazhakku En 18/9 Torrents Download

Vazhakku En 18/9 Torrents Download

Vazhakku En 18/9

Reality bites

Director Balaji Sakthivel is known for gripping storylines and his Kadhal set a new trend in Tamil cinema. More story driven, his films does have an impact on the masses. After Kallori, the filmmaker is back with a bang with Vazhakku En 18/9, a movie that harps on romance, crime and sex.

Balaji Sakthivel has a firm grip over the medium. This is evident in the movie as he has opted for a fresh star cast and they live up to the director’s expectations. Not just the cast and crew, but the technicians behind the screen to have contributed their best making it a wholesome film.

The film stars newcomers Sri, Urmila Mahanta, Manisha Yadav and Mithun Murali donning the lead roles. The first half may be little flat but the suspense unfolds and lots of twists and turns occur in the latter part.Read on for Vazhakku En 18/9 Tamil Movie Review


It is more of two stories combining together as one. Velu (Sri) works in a roadside shop. An orphan, Velu falls for Jothi (Urmila Mahantha); she works as servant maid in adjoining apartments. He comes across Jothi and falls for her. He goes desperate to win over her heart.

Meanwhile, enters Aarthy (Manisha Yadav), who live in the apartment. A student she loves her neighbour in the apartment Dinesh (Mithun Murali). Dinesh is a spoiled brat. He woos Aarthy and takes her obscene pics. Coming to know of Dinesh’s intentions, she threatens to go to police. A tensed Dinesh hatches a conspiracy and plans to bump off Aarathy. But caught in the firing line is Jothi. She becomes the victim. Now cops enter. Dinesh manages to settle the issue with the cops. The ‘corrupt’ cop frames Sri and he is made the scape goat. The rest is all but how law takes its own course and pins down the inspector for his greedy and corrupt act.


Sri is impressive of the lot. He plays an innocent and lovable orphan, who fights to make ends meet in life well. Urmila is a treat to watch. She delivers what Balaji Sakthivel wants from her. She is cool and passes the test with ease and elan. Mithun Murali as Dinesh oozes venom in the movie. He promises aplenty with his performance. The rest of the cast delivers a good show that promises to sustain the interest of the audience.


Cinematography by Vijay Milton and background score by Prasanna adds pep to the proceedings. Slick editing by Gopi Krishna. Hats off the whole team for a splendid show. Balaji Sakthivel has made a movie that is sensible and strikingly different from the rest. The movie may have its flaws, but yet the noble intentions make it worth a watch.

Mark 3.5/5

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Download vazhaku En 18/9 Torrents Download

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